Harvest Classic

The BLL regular season playoffs and championship is also known as the Harvest Classic Championship. The Harvest Classic allows each Senior-A team the opportunity to play for a championship with 2 guaranteed games. Seeding for the playoffs is based off regular season conference play points. If two conference teams are tied in points, the tie breaker will go to head-to-head game play results, followed by total number of regular season Senior-A wins, and then if needed, the total regular season goal differential for tiebreakers.

Regular Season Points Structure is as follows:
2-Points for winning against Senior-A team in regulation or overtime
1-Point for going to overtime against Senior-A team
for winning against Senior-B team
0-Points for losing to Senior-A or Senior-B teams in regulation
0-Points for going to overtime against Senior-B team

The 2024 Box Lacrosse League playoffs will be held at Salt Creek Sports Center on September 14th & 15th.

2023 Harvest Classic Champions – Colorado Roughnecks

2022 Harvest Classic Champions – Colorado Roughnecks

2021 Harvest Classic Champions – Missouri Mastodons

2020 Harvest Classic Champions – Milwaukee Muskies